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- Begins 45 minutes before public doors.

- Acoustic Performance by Dave Radford of The Gray Havens (1-2 songs)

- Signed Zion Caravan Tour Poster

- VIP Laminate

- Zion Caravan Tour Sicker

- A pre-show group Q&A with lead singer Dave Radford of The Gray Havens

- Early entry to the show/early access to merch (one hour before everyone else)

***PLEASE READ! After purchase, there will be nothing additional for you to print out.

The name(s) associated with your general admission ticket(s) will be added to a list at the box office when you arrive which will grant entry (one per ticket holder).


- If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet for the show, please head over to this link and grab your ticket now.  

- The doors will open for the pre-show experience one hour before public doors.
- When you arrive, head over to the venue box office table.
- The name you purchased the pre-show experience ticket under will be on a list that will allow you entry.
- From the stage, Dave Radford of The Gray Havens will answer questions from the audience, play a song or two, and take a group photo with everyone there.
- After it’s over, you’ll be able to stay inside the venue to choose your preferred seats and enjoy early access to the merch table.
- Enjoy the concert!

Do I also need a concert ticket in addition to purchasing the VIP Upgrade to get in?
- Yes!  

Do I need a VIP upgrade for each general admission ticket bought?

- Yes. You will need to purchase a VIP Upgrade for as many people as there are in your party, no matter the ticket type (general admission/ages 12 and under). 

- For other questions, just email and we’ll take care of it.
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What is the Zion Caravan Tour?

 ***The Zion Caravan Tour is an evening of stories and songs, featuring The Gray Havens, Antoine Bradford,  LOVKN, and either John Mark Pantana or Mark Barlow (depending on the date).

The concert is "in-the-round", meaning each artist will take turns performing some of their songs with the other artists joining in at times, creating a unique concert experience.

Basically, it's a blast and you should go.

I'll Fly Away (Live from the Zion Caravan Tour)

What People Are Saying!

🌿 That night was so special! Each song and lyric was beautiful and intentional. Each voice was powerful. And the communal vibe of the show was so refreshing and so special. Truly a night I won’t forget.

- Jasmine Mullen, lead singer of The New Respects

🌿 I was blown away. I laughed. I cried. I didn't want the night to end.

- Jessica

🌿 Oh my goodness- the BEST concert I’ve been to simply for its intimacy. You guys are so genuine and raw with your testimonies and it shows in your music so it’s just magical to see how the Lord works in a live show. Y’all really took us to church!! Definitely making another drive in the fall.

- Hannah

🌿 The Zion Caravan Tour was my favorite concert ever. It was such a sweet night full of worship and praise and such beautiful music. The Holy Spirit was moving in that room!!!

- Michael

🌿 The Zion Caravan tour was incredible! My friends and I rented a car and drove 2 1/2 hours and it was so worth it. Such a unique experience with gorgeous music.

- Lynn

🌿 I’ve never been to a more honest and authentic concert. It’s not even really a concert so much as it is a raw music experience, and to be invited into that sacred space with these anointed artists is something that will stick with me for a long time.

- Kearstin

🌿 The Zion Caravan isn’t like a “normal” concert. It is quite literally a jam session of some of the most fun and meaningful music around. I can’t recommend the ZCT enough!”

- Chris

🌿 It’s such an awesome show that I was left wishing I could see it again the next night. How often does that happen?

- Jackie

🌿 My husband and I flew from Boston to Minneapolis just to go and it was worth it! The show was uplifting like a breath of fresh air where life had been feeling stagnant.

- Jenna

🌿 Everyone being on stage together was a completely new experience for me, but seeing musicians support each other in that way was surprisingly beautiful. Their admiration for each other’s music pulled me in immediately and felt so genuine. I wish every show was like this!

- Bekah

🌿 I came for the music but equally enjoyed the moments between songs when each of the artists shared parts of their testimonies and lives--the joy, the grief, and the hope.

- Trinity

🌿 Solid truths, killer vocals/music, and such a fun time. I LOVED the Zion Caravan and plan to go again!

- Morgan

🌿 A perfect date night for any music loving couple! My wife and I would gladly go again!

- Benjamin

🌿 The Zion Caravan Tour was a beautiful & worshipful night. Every time I think about that night a smile comes to my face and I whisper a thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to be there.

- Erin

🌿 Would highly recommend this to anyone! It's not just a concert or show but an encounter with God and fellow believers.

- Jenna

🌿 My husband and I went to the Zion Caravan tour in Minneapolis and we loved it! The in the round style was unique, we'd never been to another show like it. It was so unpretentious and such a great experience! We highly recommend going if you can!!

- Camille

🌿 The Zion Caravan Tour is an absolute BLAST! Getting to watch everyone interact and sing TOGETHER, not just doing solo sets makes it even better than I imagined.

- Isaac

🌿 The concert was unlike any other I've been to, and I don't know why more Christian bands don't do this! It was unique and yet heartwarming in an effective way, like we actually left with something added to us.

- Joseph



🌿 As soon as they played the first chord, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


🌿 100% worth it.